Our great story

Neuro-Invest takes into account your family and professional specificity as well as your endowment.  For a bespoke approach, we help you to determine and to match with the best solutions and the best service providers. Bespoke solutions, expertise and professionalism in administration of Luxembourg companies during their whole life-cycle.

Investments skills

Neuro-Invest is your independent and privileged intermediary with numerous private banks. Thereupon we can advise you in an informed way on the current market trends and the different financial products that they offer. We help you to understand these different investment vehicles and to check their adequacy with your financial situation and your personal objectives.

Fully integrated services

Delivering a global and powerful solution

Credit intermediary

 Our methodology is based on a clear definition of your objectives and investment strategy. 

Investment consulting

 Analysis and selection of the best financial solutions for your real estate projects. 


A corporate M&A is not an obvious operation. It raises many questions, economic, operational , humanre sources , fiscal and  strategic.

Estate planning

Our concrete and concise advice  helps you to approach or adapt succession planning.

Real Estate

The selection and organization of your real estate investments, as well as in the structuring of your existing real estate assets.

Financial optimization

Tax optimization is possible by exploring all the legal tax possibilities that the law can offer, in order to eliminate or reduce one' s taxes by making the appropriate investments.